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Including Jesus

Dear Bible Worker,

People are always telling me that i need to include Jesus in my life and in everything i do. at first this sounded to me like when my mom used to tell me i had to hang out with Smelly Brian in grade school. "Why don't you invite Brian along when you go to the ravines with your friends?" "Oh no, you're not going to the park today, i've arranged a play-date with Brian for you." i kept thinking that if Jesus was so awesome, it was strange that we would have to be told to hang out with him. but, being an open-minded individual, i bought two tickets to the last KISS concert and waited in the parking lot for Jesus to show up and he never did. am i supposed to forgive him for standing me up and making me miss the concert, Bible Worker? has Jesus abandoned me or is he just a jerk?

Love in Christ,

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